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  • NSE data feed provider, mcx data feed provider, ncdex data feed provider, forex data feed provider. we provide real time data for forex, mcx, ncdex, nse fut, nse currency,nifty options directly on your server Sql, Mysql or you can also fetch from our database we give all options .
  • We provide historical Backfill in 1 min format in multiple format @ 6000 rs per month billed Quarterly, This is useful who use data from Quantex, GFDL, MVT,Master Broker ,esignal for their own applications for real time charting and analysis .
  • We also provide a Dummy Internet based Trading platform for educational and gaming purpose for amateurs which has a full featured system only for brokers starting from 4000$ .it’s a keyboard based trading system which Indians have been trading since years and are well acquainted with it. We also provide the source code for this for universities and educational institutions where they can connect mat lab and do their studies.
  • Management of data structuring on server side maintaining the data
  • We also provide a Unique Solution where Data can be fetched from a Single Source and distributed with a latency of only 60-70 ms over the internet ,for this solution only Enquire if you have a Budget of a minimum of 6000$ onetime cost including setup.
  • Inquisitors’ please do not waste your time and ours, Serious interested clients are most welcome .Mail us at